18abr a 31may


Photo exhibition | Serra MÚ

Quarteira | Galeria Praça do Mar

tuesday to saturday from 9h30 to 13h30

& from 15h toàs 18h

free admittance

16 &24may

Mapeamento e resgate


schedule 10h00 às 17h00

duration 7 hours

age rating m/12

price 20€ (includes lunch)

online tickets: www.ticketline.pt

Luís da Cruz, was born in Loulé in 1968.
Professional photographer since 1990. He graduated in Photography at Koninklijke Academie Van Beeldende Kunsten University (The Hague, Netherlands) and holds a Master of Fine Arts from AKV St. Joost University (Breda, Netherlands).
He received a bursary from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in 2002-03.

serra MÚ

Luís da Cruz Portugal

a photo exhibition by Luís da Cruz that leads us to cross the Serra do Caldeirão. In between photos justified by the photographer and landscapes explained by technicians that work on the field - a Serra's traditional lunch.


The increasingly devastating effect of the weather in the mountains is obvious. 15 years have passed and the Serra is not what it was. Some houses still stand, with or without inhabitants, others have been claimed by time, and others don’t look the same. What yesterday was alive and living, today is abandoned.
As a complement to tours, visits will be accompanied by photographer Luís da Cruz but also by technicians and researchers in the region. We present this large format photography exhibition, a revival in the context of a displaced mountain-range that allows both the recent past and present to be revisited. By placing them side-by-side, images of the same houses and serenities, separated by 15 years, we witness how time has become increasingly devastating and reality can be more mutable in some regions than others. The silence that lingers does not disguise the force of Nature.

mapeamento e resgate



This is a photography exhibition in the Serra that will lead us through the Caldeirão. Among justified photographs and explained landscapes, a lunch with typical "serra" food.


This event is the result of an invitation to photographer Luís da Cruz to rescue part of a work he did about 15 years ago in Serra do Caldeirão (theme of the 1st edition of this festival). Our proposal, which includes a lunch, is to return to the Serra on visits accompanied by technicians who work on the field, repeating routes drawn by a photographer who mapped it with photographs in 2002.

We will visit houses near which we will present reproductions of photographs on large-format vinyl screens, records from 15 years ago that will allow the visitor to witness how the passage of time in the Serra has an acceleratingly devastating effect. A territory where time has another duration, another effect, brings with it the inevitable erasure of memories, which in those places means desertification and loss of identity.

*Participants to visit Serra do CALDEIRÃO on 16 and 34 May can go by their own means or meet us in Loulé at Bus Terminal at 10h00 to go with a bus.