DeVIR, a non-profit cultural activities association, celebrated its 25 years of activity in 2019. Created in 1994, in connection with the "to the south" International Festival of Contemporary Dance, and made official in 1996, it was born from the need to develop projects of a cultural scope that contributed to fill the discreet and insufficient cultural activity of the Algarve, particularly in the area of performing arts . Although it started with the dance area, this structure embraces a whole series of cultural and artistic areas, inherent to the assumption of its contemporary aspect. Since 1997 it has been recognized and supported by the Ministry of Culture / Directorate-General for the Arts, through its support programs and has funding from the Municipality of Faro and a wide range of municipalities from across the region for the projects it develops , contributing to its cultural dynamism in the scope of dissemination, production, diffusion and training in the areas of the performing arts.

CAPa, Center for Performing Arts of the Algarve (2001), a transdisciplinary structure based in the center of Faro, whose core activity is the Creative Residency Program, which consists of supporting independent creators, national and international, through the provision of spaces work and technical and logistical support for the development of your creations, preferably emerging proposals that bet on experimentation and the crossing of languages. In parallel, this Center develops a set of complementary activities to the Creative Residency Program, aimed at creating / training audiences: Seasons of Programming Shows, training cycles, network programming at regional and national level and other projects aimed at the community, as is the case with the Festival "DeVIR meetings (1st edition 2012 - 5th edition 2019) and the project (2014-15). CAPa is a home for many, where they live temporarily in an artificial way, in absolute dedication to each creation that develops here.