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duration: 60 minutes

price: 5€

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talvez ela pudesse dançar primeiro e pensar depois

Vera Mantero Portugal

'Perhaps she could dance first and think afterwards' is a solo premiered in 1991, created for the Europalia Festival in Belgium.

This solo has a prime place on Vera Mantero's choreographic course. It is a work that spans almost two decades and is, singularly, still alive and be presented. Why?

It was with this solo that the author found part of her identity in terms of movement, in terms of how to be on stage, in terms of tools and elements that she uses to create and perform: a body that doesn't neglect gestures, the hands, the face, the expressions, that includes them because she knows that these elements are absolutely part of the body-person; which constantly tries to grasp what is going through her, trying to expose exactly this through the responses of a vibratil body; a body that dashes against time-cadence and

plays with it/them like a child plays with marbles; a body which sometimes produces an almost-talking, in sounds that seem wanting to take the shape of words, on lips that articulate inaudible words.

Mantero wrote on the evening program by that time: 'My relationship with dance revolves around the following questions: what does dance say? What can I say with dance? What am I saying when I'm dancing?

The ability and inability of dance to SAY, were in the center of the author's creative preoccupations at the time (... aren't they still?). The strategy of inclusion (in the actions, movements, impulses) of other materials, which are not the commonly used ones for dance, were the means and the research that the author undertook to force-push-pressure the dance to SAY.

Concept & performance Vera Mantero Set André Lepecki Original light-design João Paulo Xavier

Light adaption and operation Hugo Coelho Music "Ruby, My Dear" by Thelonious Monk Costume Vera Mantero Production Pós d’Arte, 1991 Financial support Instituto da Juventude Supports Companhia de Dança de Lisboa Duration of the performance 20 minutes

Perhaps she could dance first and think afterwards was created by commission of the Klapstuk Festival 91 on the occasion of Europalia Portugal.

O Rumo do Fumo is supported by Ministério da Cultura / Direcção-Geral das Artes

under the flesh

Bassam Abou Diab Lebanon

is a contemporary dance performance that raises the question of the role of the body in situations of war. How can the body reaction to a death threat, originating from our survival instinct, transform into a dance?


A dance based on imaginary rules and techniques that have been meticulously conceived like a fairytale that helps overcoming the war machine. A personal story is told, the story of a body that outlived four consecutive wars. 


The work is anchored in a very specific political context, 4 wars that happened in the South Lebanon in 1993, 1996, 2000 and 2006. Wars are never-ending in the Middle East and in the context of recent wars and the political migrations happening in Europe, I believe it is important to talk about the human aspect and the personal flesh experience when has when his life is under threat. I aim at sharing this with the European audience, an aspect not spoken of on the news. The story of a true and painful experience of war situations outside the politics of it. For 35 minutes I want to place the audience at the core of a death threat situation, throughout the choreography and the music and a storytelling narrated with a specific humor.

Choreography Bassam Abou Diab Dancer Bassam Abou Diab, Ayman Sharaf El Dine and a translator Music creation Samah Tarabay

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Bassam Abou Diab Lebanon


Faro | CAPa - Centro de Artes Performativas do Algarve

15h30 | m/12 | 60min |  free admittance


is a Performer and dance artist with a focus on contemporary dance and folklore. He graduated with a BA in theater studies from the Lebanese University in 2010 and he's working on his master degree in “Actor Formation“. He has been dancing with Maqamat Dance company for several years.

Bassam has also performed in many theater plays in Lebanon. Among others pieces, he created and danced  "not connected", "under the flesh" and “Of What I remember”.