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age rating: m/12

duration: 70 minutos

price: 5€

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entre contenções

Eduardo Fukushima Brazil

“Eduardo embraces rawness and performs as if a punishing, urban world has invaded his body and is in disharmony with itself. He slams himself against the floor, pushes his head against a wall. The small theatres in which he usually appears become arenas for ordeal.”

(Deborah Jowitt in the Rolex Mentor and Protégé Magazine, October 2013)


Entre Contenções is a short dance piece based on three simple gestures that unfold in space. This solo is a non-verbal statement, raw and harsh. Among the moments of confrontation there are possibilities for communication.

This piece was developed as part of the Key Zetta & Company project “10 solos e Reverberações”, Funarte Klauss Vianna Prize in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Artistic direction and performance Eduardo Fukushima Artistic collaboration Key Sawao, Ricardo Iazzetta, Daniel Fagundes Production Carolina Goulart Lighting design Hideki Matsuka, Eduardo Fukushima Costumes Eduardo Fukushima Photography Inês Correa
This piece was developed as part of the Key Zetta & Company project “10 solos e Reverberações”, Funarte Klauss Vianna Prize in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Many thanks to Ana Elisa Carramaschi, Beatriz Sano, Julia Rocha and Luana Minari

o rei no exílio – remake

Francisco Camacho Portugal

THE KING IN EXILE - REMAKE is the recreation, the rescue of a remarkable Portuguese contemporary dance solo, which focuses on the figure of D. Manuel II, the last King of Portugal, exiled in England in 1910. It is a portrait of a particular Portugal, sometimes ironic, sometimes controversial, where loneliness is permanent. It is a grotesque, obscure, sensual universe that juxtaposes intimacy, choreographer/interpreter vices and the iconographic figure of the King. Past and present are confused in a character who lives different stories centered on symbolic gestures and actions of male everyday life.

Choreography And Dancer Francisco Camacho Technical Director and Light Design Frank Laubenheimer Voice Teacher Fernanda Lapa Costume Designer Carlota Lagido Set Philip Cabau
Music Carlos Zingaro, Ruy Coelho / Natália de Andrade, Nick Cave Texts D. Manuel II, António Cabral, Francisco Camacho Production EIRA (Lisboa)

encontro com...

Eduardo Fukushima Brazil


Faro | CAPa - Centro de Artes Performativas do Algarve

15h30 | m/12 | 60min |  free admittance


is a choreographer, dancer and teacher. He also worked with other choreographers such as Ângelo Madureira and Ana Catarina Vieira, Célia Gouvêa, Luiz Fernando Bongiovanni and Miyako Kato. "Entre Contenções" is a premiated Solo like others he has created and performed "Como superar o grande cansaço", "Homem Torto" . He was also awarded the Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative  bursary 2012-2013 to study for a year in Taiwan with choreographer Lin Hwai-min. He also worked with directors from Theater and Cinema and recently co-directed the piece "Imagine" with the artists Beatriz Sano, Júlia Rocha and Isabel Monteiro.