Loulé | Convento de Sto. António

age rating m/12

price 3€ each performance

info e reservations 289 414 604

tickets for la consagración...:

tickets for debout!:


  • Tickets must be bought separately, entrance for each performance is different, each ticket costs 3 €

  • meeting point is at Cineteatro at 21h00, a bus will bring the audience to Convento de Santo António for Roger Bernat’s performance, the same bus will bring the audience back afterwards to Cineteatro for the second creation, “Debout!” from Raphaëlle Delaunay

la consagración de la primavera (45 min)

Roger Bernat Spain

21h30 - Convento de Santo António

Members of the audience are given three-channel headphones and welcomed into the performance space to the sound of Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring, one of the leading ballets from the last century, of which Pina Bausch made a historic version in 1975. Several voices can be heard – different ones on each channel. Voices in parallel that diverge and overlap. Spectators play the leading role in a show that is both a game and choreography.


The theatre of Roger Bernat is a collective laboratory in which the utopic aspirations and the authorian fantasies of a community are registered. The spectator ceases being a privileged witness and becomes a perplexed actor of a drama in which he renounces being merely a victim and accepts the risk of turning himself into an executioner.

Music Igor Stravinsky Creation Roger Bernat inspired by the choreography of Pina Bausch in colaboration with Txalo Toloza, María, Villalonga, Ray Garduño, José-Manuel López Velarde, Tomás Alzogaray, Brenda Vargas, Diana Cardona, Annel Estrada y Viani Salinas Technical direction Txalo Toloza Sound engineer Rodrigo Espinosa Edição Juan Cristóbal Saavedra Vial Design Marie- Klara González Coordination Helena Febrés Produção executiva México Alicia Laguna Production assistent  in Mexico Antígona González, Mariana Toledo La Consagración de la Primavera is a coproduction of  Teatre LLiure e Elèctrica Produccions (Barcelona), Festival Instal.laccions/ Ajuntament Cambrilsne Festival Transversales (México) with the support of Union European Fund in Mexico

debout ! (30 min)

Raphaëlle Delaunay France

22h30 - Cineteatro Louletano


Debout ! An elegant way to retrieve memories. The work of Raphaëlle Delaunay, a former Tanztheater Wuppertal ballerina, is featured in this edition of DeVIR's meetings as part of a small tribute to one of the greatest names of 20th century dance and choreography, Pina Bausch. In this piece there are clear references to her work with the choreographer as her performer. Delaunay blends her intimate experience with the great history of dance and surprises us by her fragile yet unshakable presence.

Creation and performance Raphaëlle Delaunay Music and sound composition Pierre Boscheron Light design Maël Guiblin Direção técnica Guillaume Février Artistic advice Herman Diephuis thanks to Foued Kadid alias AIS, Babson Baba Sy Production Compagnie Traces – Raphaëlle Delaunay with the support of  Théâtre Louis-Aragon, Scène conventionnée danse de Tremblayen-France et du Conseil Général de Seine Saint Denis, Théâtre Jean Vilar de Suresnes, Centre National de la Danse